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We are screaming “MAC A HOO” – see what’s in the September Subscription Box

The Wahoo bite is strong this time of year. We have read that wahoo’s prefer water temperatures to be between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and right now we are seeing temperatures in the 80-degree area right off the North Carolina coast. Like last month, we are also seeing the King Mackerel bite continue to be strong even in areas right up next to the beach and on out to deeper waters.

Big Nic Fishing
Mac A Hoo

These two reasons alone are why we chose to go with the Big Nic Fishing Mac A Hoo as our main attraction in September’s subscription box! Rig these lures with ballyhoos or cigar minnows and then troll maintaining a speed of 1 mph to 6.5 mph and we can almost guarantee you will get a bite. We included a 4 oz and a 1.5 oz Mac A Hoo so that could try the different speeds and baits to see which you prefer. If you get short striked, make a few adjustments either to your speed or hook placement and try again. See the video below of the Mac A Hoo swimming. It makes your dead bait shine and look alive. Tempting any pelagic fish in the area.

To sweeten you September box even more the good people at Blue Water Candy provided some awesome swag to go along with the BWC King Mackerel Dead Bait rig we included this month.

We really want you to get out there and see which kind of set up you enjoy the most. We love using both lures out on the big blue and we hope you enjoy them as well. If you do, send us a few videos and shout outs letting us know how you do!

We Hope You Have Tight Lines!

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