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May Fishing Frenzy: Must-Have Gear for the Cobia Bite and More

Hello, fellow anglers!

The warm waters of May have brought with them one of the most exciting times for fishing enthusiasts: the Cobia bite is hot right now, and it promises to stay that way for a little while longer. To ensure you're fully equipped to take advantage of this prime fishing season, we've curated a selection of top-notch gear that should be in every angler's tackle box.

the best jig on the market to target cobia and stripers
Blue Water Candy Cobia Jig

Blue Water Candy 2 oz Cobia Jig

First up, we're thrilled to include the tried and true Blue Water Candy 2 oz Cobia Jig. This jig isn't just another piece of tackle; it's a proven performer. Each jig is beautifully painted and equipped with an extra-strong Mustad Duratin saltwater hook. This hook is designed to withstand the intense fights that large Cobias and Stripers are known for, giving you confidence that your gear won't fail you when it matters most.

Adds live action to your Cobia jig and is irresistible to fish
Blue Water Candy Swirl Tail Grub

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve paired the Cobia Jig with 8” Swirl Tail grubs. These grubs are incredibly enticing to Cobia, creating a jig setup that's simply irresistible. The combination of the vibrant jig and the dynamic movement of the Swirl Tail grubs mimics the look and behavior of prey, making it a must-have for your fishing adventures this month.

Big Nic Fishing Mac A Hoo

Bring dead bait to life with a mac a hoo
Big Nic Fishing Mac A Hoo

In addition to the Cobia rig, we’ve also included another standout piece of gear: the Big Nic Fishing Mac A Hoo. This lure is a powerhouse when it comes to trolling for King Mackerel. It's designed to be used with dead bait, adding a splash of color and a life like movement that’s sure to attract attention.

The Mac A Hoo is engineered to push your bait just below the water surface, giving it a natural swimming motion that hungry fish can’t resist. Whether you're targeting King Mackerel or other predatory fish, this lure increases your chances of a successful catch.

Value and Versatility

All together, this month’s box has a retail value of $55, offering a great deal on some of the best fishing gear available. These carefully selected items are not only effective but versatile, ensuring you’re prepared for a variety of fishing scenarios.

Gear Up and Get Out There!

As the Cobia bite continues to heat up, now is the perfect time to stock up on these essentials and hit the water. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, our selection this month is designed to give you the edge you need to make the most of your fishing trips.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your tackle collection with high-quality gear that's been tested and trusted by anglers everywhere. Happy fishing, and may your lines be tight and your catches plentiful!

Tight lines,

the East Coast Saltwater Fishing team


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