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We are a small husband and wife team that is trying to take our passion and our love of the North Carolina Coast and bring it to your door.  From great locally made and sourced fishing gear to that local coastal flair in décor and style, we hope to be the place you look to when you are looking for everything coastal North Carolina.

He has over 20 years of commercial fishing and sourcing experience.  She has over 20 years working in home décor.  Together they found a passion for fishing.  They are constantly educating themselves and devouring all they can from local fisherman.

Our number one goal with starting this site is to become a source of information and a one-stop shop for all the great local fishing gear our unique coastal area has to offer to the world.  Of course, while we were on the hunt, we knew we had to showcase all the one-of-a-kind coastal home décor and style the North Carolina area is known for. There are just some things that are so unique to the Carolinas that the world needs to have access to them.

Please come back and watch our site evolve as we work to update the site to showcase everything the Eastern North Carolina has to offer.

Fishing Boat
Giving Back
Fishing with Grandpa
Giving Back

Something that some of us take for granted is our access to the Ocean or a Lake.  As my husband and I have traveled and gotten to know people over time, we are always stuck to our core by the lack of exposure some people have had to these beautiful bodies of water.  Getting kids outdoors and experiencing the wonders and joys of what mother nature has to offer is one of our missions. 


So, for every sale we pledged to give 2% to a non-profit where the main objective is to get underprivileged kids outside learning to fish, swim and experience everything this world has to offer.  Over time we hope to increase this percentage.


We feel if we can expose kids to the outdoors, there is a greater chance of them taking care of her in return.

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