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March '24 Subscription Box

Here we are, just at the edge of things starting to heat up for every avid fisherman! We have made it through the crazy unpredictable Winter winds and the days are officially longer.  Right now, people are reeling in spotted seatrout and some big ole Redfish in the Cape Lookout area. 

We included a nice 1 oz. Electric Chicken Spanish Candy because they catch just about any fish and come with strong permasteel hooks, a staple to have in your tackle box. This Big Nic Spanish Candy jig lure is a great fishing lure to throw when looking and searching for fish. The fast action, vibrant colors, and glow features attract the bite you are looking for!

We also want to get you ready for what April brings, Mahi Mahi!  We begin seeing their return over at Hatteras in the beginning of April and we had to include the famous Blue Water Candy Mahi Mauler, perfect for trolling. Rigged on mono with an 8/0 Mustad hook, this amazing lure can be used with or without bait. Troll it on light to medium tackle inshore, or heavier gear offshore. Perfect for Mahi, Blackfin, & Sailfish.

It wouldn’t round out the month unless we sent a Mylar Mac A Hoo.  That flash should be sure to attract anything while you’re offshore.

The Big Nic Fishing Mac A Hoo is one of the easiest and best trolling trolling lures to work with. They have been proven to work coastal areas from North Carolina all the way to California. Rigged with a 4/0 Mustad Hook & two 4X strong VMC black nickel treble hooks, an 8lb Spro Swivel on 60lb seven strand wire leader, makes this a work horse. Rig with a cigar minnow or ballyhoo and bring your dead bait to life.

Altogether this month’s box has a retail of over $45.  


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