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A coastal-inspired placemat featuring neutral colors and seashells can create a serene and beachy atmosphere for your dining area. Here's a description of such a placemat:


Material: The placemat is crafted from a durable and easy-to-clean cotton, with a natural texture reminiscent of sandy shores.


Color Scheme: The color scheme focuses on neutral tones, reflecting the calming essence of the coast. The base color of the placemat is a soft sandy beige or off-white, resembling the color of pristine beaches.


Seashell Motif: Scattered across the placemat, delicate seashells in various shapes and sizes are intricately embroidered or printed. These seashells could include scallops, starfish, sand dollars, and conch shells. The seashells may be depicted in subtle shades of cream, taupe, or pale gray, adding dimension to the design.

Coastal Seashells Placemat

SKU: 2288-010
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