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Bluewater Candy Wedgie makes dead bait swim right, every time.


The Wedgie from Blue Water Candy is a unique diving head for wedgie fishing.  Choose from a rubber squid skirt or flashy Mylar skirt.  Wedgies weigh a touch over 1oz and have a really cool shape that helps them swim beneath the surface.  Use Bluewater Candy Wedgie with cigar minnows or ballyhoo for best results.  This lure is effective on King Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and even the stray Tuna.  Bluewater Candy pre-rigs the Wedgie on 60lb single strand wire to avoid bite-offs.  Each lure has a 4X treble hook stinger, and a 5/0 nose hook that locks into place, in back of the lure.  We stock the Wedgie in several popular colors and lots of other items from Bluewater Candy.  Made in USA.

Blue Water Candy Wedgie with Mylar in Pink

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