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The Blue Water Candy Roscoe Meat Jig is one of the best jigs you'll find for catching wreck and reef fish.  The Meat Head is designed to be fished with bait, adding a little extra pizazz to the already crazy successful Roscoe Jig legacy. 


You'll find these jigs are extremely effective for a few good reasons.  First, they closely resemble the shape of a squid and everything eats squid.  Second, they glow quite brightly, attracting big Sea Bass, Grouper, etc.  Finally, they're very well made.  Blue Water Candy uses domestic labor and manufacturing, coupled with top quality components to deliver the best product possible. 

We stand by these lures as a great option for jigging.  In fact, one of our favorite customers, Tom, turned us on to these after a very successful trip to the Keys.  Hopefully, you'll like them as much as Tom does!

Blue Water Candy Meat Head Roscoe

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